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Caffeinated Koan

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…


A six and a half foot tall Sikh walks into an espresso bar.


He is garbed in full spiritual regalia;

ceremonial dagger in his belt sash,

pendant talisman of The Buddha around his neck,

gleaming white robes and turban wrapped ’round his head;

his chakras alighted.


The Sikh approaches the bartender

— a Seeker along his own path

— who fancied himself a Bodhisativa, but

was more actually

a freak caught up in a lucid myopic dreamriot, in

which he thought himself to be unsleeping.


The Sikh orders a drink.

“I’d like a double Café Latté, please.”


The bartender nods acknowledgment,

musing privately about the connection between

the name of the drink and the Goddess Lat.


“Alright then,” he says quietly,

and he prepares the beverage.


Upon completion of secret alchemical procedures,

concocted with utmost care,

Zendic precision and detail,

and Taoist good thoughts,

the bartender places the hot mug on the counter between them.


The bartender closely watches the Sikh

— the two being nearly the same height,

the bartender only slightly less in stature than the Sikh,

but the turban made it seem like much more.

He speaks as the Sikh

adds some honey to his Goddessic drink.


“You’re tall,” the barista stated obviously.

“I mean, I’m tall, but you… You’re tall…”


“Yes,” the Sikh replied,

sipping the sweet rich honeymilk café.

He set down the drink on the counter and

crossed his arms about his chest.


We’re tall.”


And it was thus,

the barista was awakened.




from Tea Here Now with Java Ram Dass

7-8 Jul. 1993

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