“…there is also a little something extra, something unusual… In New Orleans, this idea of ‘a little something extra’ is expressed in the word lagniappe, a mestiza word from Quechua and Spanish before being adapted by Cajun French to mean ‘something extra added to show gratitude’…”

—”With a Headful of Sermons and a Mouthful of Spiders: The Devouring Messiah in the Macabre Mestiza of Tennessee Williams”

~kirkesque, May 2012


Near the end of a pound of coffee, there are always usually some beans left over that is not enough to make a full pot, and so I contribute these to a collection containing other left over amounts. The idea is that if all the coffees are good to begin with, the fated blend comprising their leftovers will provide a singularly distinctive brew. This, like many of my current practices, have been active ideas for years that have only recently being codified.

I call this leftover collection, the lagniappe, because it is a little something extra for which I am grateful to partake.

Currently in the lagniappe pot:





~•~Label-Bali Label-Congo


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